By Monday Stephen: Amassoma

As at today Monday 19th October, 2020, the current rate of the Amassoma flood is yet to settle. Although the increment caused by the dam water addition seems to have settled, current rain fall makes the flood to increase again at considerable rate.

Today, we investigated the Endipele motor park via sand dune axis of Amassoma right down to Okodi via government secondary school roundabout to assess the level of flood. We discovered that from motorway to boat path, the whole of Endipele to Okodi till Sir Kings shop (Okoloba-ama-Okodi) is now passable with boat at an average knee level depth or an average 2ft. From Endipele, we paddled to Okodi without any hindrance.

We also noticed that all the houses in that axis has been deserted as we met with a silent environment as though it was war-torned. However, there were canoe passersby, children who took delight in swimming and chanting, fishermen and women, and those living upstairs, spying from above.

When will the flood recede?

The time for the flood to recede is still weeks ahead. Lets go back a little to make some past calculations. In 2018, Amassoma indigenes started going back to their houses last week of November. However, in 2019, it was within the first week of December. But with this higher level of flood, it is expected that it may take up to same first week of December or more. Nonetheless, various intervening variables like the behaviour of the additional dam water and rain water this year may cause the comeback time to be erratic.

What is the difference between 2012 and 2020 flood?

Although it is currently hasty to make such conclusion now as the water is still increasing, however, our measurement at Sadiemo-Ama, Amassoma revealed that the difference between 2012 and 2020 is currently barely 1foot. We made the measurement by comparing the 2012 flood level mark made on house walls with the current water level. With just one foot (12inches) to go, we keep on watching if the current flood will match or exceed that of 2012.

For now, the increment rate have dropped from the way it was last week and now, the water tend to increase only when there is rainfall. But since the rains are still falling, it is hard to tell if 2012 will still retain its title as the king of the flood.

NDU Flood

NDU still have minimal flood impact. Although the water have covered the areas the VC had elavated (Arts-ETF lane via admissions office down to the football field), the impact is still at its barest minimum. Water have been sighted also at the front row of the main campus. CHS is the worst hit campus. CHS was hit as early as the week of Monday 5th, November, 2020. By now, the place would have been deserted. For Newsite, the new entrance road have been reportedly partially covered. But major parts of the campus still stands.

NDU Hostels

Till date, main campus and Newsite hostels have not been hit by the flood. It is still being anticipated that those areas will remain out of the reach of the flood.


For now, no resumption news have been published. ASUU and FG are yet to resolve their disputes and no tangible agreement has been made. However, non-academic staff have resumed today Monday 19th October, 2020 from their two-week warning strike.