In what now seemed to be a reduction in the flood water, a little reduction has been observed from yesterday morning till this afternoon.

Within this time range, the rain did not fall – allowing the sun to have its way all through.
This is however, not to say that the whole water have started going back. In what can be described as stage two phase of the flood, the water have settled and only rains now makes it to increase.

In comparison with previous floods, the water is expected to remain at almost same height as the rains and sun battle for who’s boss, consequently undulating the water level – depending on who takes the day.
In the upcoming weeks, probably from now till mid November, the water MAY remain at same level as it finds its way back home.

The final reduction time is usually November ending through December first week.
For now, the water may keep on going down and coming up. When the rains falls heavily, the water level is sure to rise, but when sun shines for days in the absence of minimal or no rains, the water level will surely recede.

For now, we keep on observing the sun and rain behavior as these are the major determinants of the water levels.

The additional dam water consideration may have stopped as the water no longer increase without rains. So, dam water is out of our consideration.

More updates in days to come.