The water level in Amassoma is finding its way down as the month of October is winding down.

Recall our earlier speculations that the water level will continue to undulate till mid-November when the water level, as a result of more sunlight, give way for the new dry season.

As at Monday this week, the water level had receded by merely 2.5inches and 3inches in some parts. Note that the level of water reduction in both the river side and other side of the road (when divided by the main road from Tantua through Endipele and from Endipele though school roundabout) witness a little differentials of about 1 to 1/2inches. Although there was little rain, the water maintained almost same stance.

By Tuesday however, the presence of the scorching sun made the weather looked as if there was no flood as all paths looked very dried. The sun was so hard on Tuesday that there was noticeable decrease in the water level the next morning.

Wednesday came with a brief but heavy rain but had an impact that was hardly noticeable on the flood. Today is Thursday and the sun is on the high side. This morning, the reduction was very satisfactory at about 4-6inches down.

For now, there is high level willingness on the part of the flood to recede but the rains are disrupting the flood reduction. The rate of reduction is very high now and hopefully, before the end of November, the water must have dried/flowed off completely.

For now, the water hyacinth are getting more grounds. This is an indication that the water adding is lesser than the amount flowing off. Another good indication that the flood had settled – ready to dry up.

Next update coming up Monday next week.


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